Current Projects (Notable)

K9 Soldiers, Inc.

Premier Legends Group, in association with K-9 Soldiers, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) non-profit oraganization dedicated to the health and welfare of retired Military Working Dogs (MWD's), is proud to announce an initiative to create a full-sized bronze sculpture to honor the contributions made by these brave canine soldiers.

The Military Working Dog has become an integral part of the war on terror, most recently in the raid in which Osama Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan. The German Shepard involved in that raid, "Cairo," played an important part in providing audio and video of the operation, while guarding the perimeter of the compound, thus preventing any escapes during the raid.

The dogs utilized by the military are mostly German Shepards, Malinois, Labrador Retrievers, and several other breeds. After extensive training, they protect our Soldiers and Marines unconditionally in the war zones of Afghanistan and Iraq. They are trained and directed by their military handlers to guard outposts and bases, detect explosives such as IED's and weapons caches, drug detection, and are also used to track individual insurgents. Their presence (and effectiveness) is well known among the enemy, as cash bounties are often assigned to the most effective dogs (and handlers) by the insurgents.

These canine heroes perform their duties silently and with great loyalty to our troops, saving many lives in the process.

At present, a working, 2-dimensional model of the proposed sculpture is under construction. Photos and replicas of the design will be available shortly to assist in the fund-raising for the life-sized sculpture.

Any individual or corporate entity is invited to get involved with this effort, with multiple opportunities for name recognition resulting.

Through this fund-raising effort, the K-9 Soldiers organization will be able to expand their facilities in order that these brave dogs will be cared for while transitioning back to civilian life.

The Wheeler School

PLG was commissioned by a school benefactor to create a living sculpture of a former student, whose untimely death in an aviation accident shook their entire learning community. The 11 year-old boy is is depicted playing the game he loved, basketball, and is located on a newly created court at the Providence, RI private school.