At Premier Legends Group, the process of creating original fine art products begins with design. If you have artwork in hand, we can immediately begin making the tooling and fabricating the product line. If you desire original artwork, we will, with your input, consult our accomplished sculptors regarding proposed designs and projects. Together, we'll create a program to fit your needs.

Once the piece of original artwork is in hand, we employ a proprietary, 150 year-old process to physically map the contours of the piece to the exact scale required for your project. That's right: we do everything the old fashioned, Old World way ... by hand! At PLG there is no computer scanning, no CNC tooling or milling. We achieve the stunning level of quality our grandfathers knew by employing the craftsmanship, equipment and techniques with which they were familiar.

Once the piece is mapped, we employ a series of die-cutting and milling machines to perfect the product. When the original is completed, the piece is then replicated in various ways, thus preserving our loyalty to the original.

We've prepared a four-minute video presentation which takes you inside the creative and technical process used by Premier Legends Group. The video includes unforgettable clips of the emotional reactions of two sports legends, Ted Williams and Bobby Orr, upon seeing their respective statues unveiled.