"To Those Who Serve"

On March 21, 2003, Sgt. Jesse Lanter of Ft. Mill, South Carolina carried Cpl. Barry Lange of Portland, Oregon off the battlefield during a firefight on the first day of the ground war in Iraq. Two other Marines gathered their equipment and sought cover from their exposed positions. This dramatic scene was captured by AP photographer Laura Rauch, who was embedded with India Company, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Div., as they engaged Iraqi soldiers with gunfire and mortar rounds at the headquarters of the Iraqi 51st and 32nd Mechanized Infantry Divisions near Az Bayer, Iraq.

Premier Legends Group of Providence, RI, after 3 years of planning and preliminary model work, is now ready to convert this very compelling scene into a life-sized bronze sculpture. PLG has secured the rights from AP/Wide World Images to produce the sculpture and various museum-quality replica products from the original photograph, to be used for fundraising purposes for the project. With assistance from a variety of corporate and philanthropic entities, Premier Legends Group hopes to create a unique memorial to our all-volunteer armed forces whose sacrifices go relatively unnoticed, and whose dedication to our Country and our way of life is to be honored and supported.

We are seeking a sponsor (or sponsors) to assist financially with the expenses associated with the creation of the sculpture.

  • All figures and estimates for project development will be available in detail to prospective donor partners.

  • The donor/partner will be front and center and accorded majority credit for the project, if desired.

  • This will include press, radio, television and internet releases and interviews, as well as primary placement at any ceremonies associated with the project and its dedication.

This is an unparalleled and dramatic opportunity for a sponsor (or sponsors) to (quite literally) be a part of history ... .to be associated with a sculptural memorial honoring our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, fighting the war on terror. Like the Iwo Jima Memorial, this sculpture will outlive all of us, and the sponsor's name will be forever linked to this memorial.

Sample "To Those Who Serve" Promotional Products